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September 23, 2001 Concert dedicated to the 1700th Anniversary of Adoption of Christianity in Armenia and the 10th Anniversary of Independence in Armenia.

The same day, St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral was consecrated in Yerevan.
The Republic's president Robert Kocharyan, Artsakh's Diocese Head H.H. Pargev were attending the concert.

The concert participants were the Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Ruben Asatryan and Henrik Anassian(USA), Philharmonic Choir, Vardan Haroutiunyan (USA, guitar), well-known singers: Flora Martirosyan(USA), Salby(USA).
Dance groups (State Dance Group, "Krunk" dance group), folk instruments ensemble took part too.
8000 admirers were present at the concert.
Director: Levon Ivanyan.
Special thanks to all participants as well as to Khosroph Haroutiunyan: the deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 1700th Anniversary of the Adoption of Christianity as a state Religion in Armenia.

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